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How to use CatMoviez?

What is CatMoviez?

CatMoviez is a website that allows you to enter the movies you've seen, and by doing that - generates statistics on your favorite genres, popular actors, best movie you've seen in the past week/month and many more.
You also allow other users to see how you graded each movie and which movies you've seen. You are a movie critic! Your friends can see which movies they should see and which they shouldn't!
Plus, our AI-based recommendation engine scours the internet to bring you the latest movie suggestions. Whether you're a fan of blockbuster hits or independent cinema, we've got something for everyone. Plus, with our easy-to-use search function and comprehensive movie database, it's never been easier to find what you're looking for.

How to register?

Registration couldn't be easier.
Just enter your details in the Home page. You can then start using CatMoviez. You will also recieve a confirmation e-mail shortly after.

How to add movies?

First, press on "Add Movie" in the top menu-bar.
Top Menubar

Now, type the approx. english name of the movie. In the following example, we tried to add a movie and made a typing error. Nonethelses, the search engine found the movie we were looking for. Search for a movie

After you pick the correct movie, you enter a grade in the required field and enter viewing information in bottom section. When you're done - press "Add movie" to finish the process and get the movie information.
Add a movie

When returning to your home page, you'll start getting calculated statistics in all cubes. Homepage with statistics

Remember, the more movies you've seen - the more interesting the statistics become!

What are the IMDB Queries?

IMDB (Internet Movie Database) calculates the top movies according to viewers in different categories.
In CatMoviez we check IMDB in some of the more interesting categories to see how the movies you've seen match-up against the IMDB top.

In this example, we checked the IMDB Top 50 Drama movies of all time.
You can see that the movie we just saw is ranked #6 (which means he gained 1 spot since last week), you can see that there are many movies we haven't seen yet and are still listed in the right side.
In the upper stats section you can see the movies that moved the most in the last week. IMDB Queries

How to use the "Top Movies" page?

See how the movies you've seen match-up with IMDB Top.

Simply choose a query from the left side to see which movies you've seen and which you still haven't.
In brackets you can see the movement from last week and you can also check the top movers and shakers in the stats area.

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