Rosario Tijeras (2005)

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Medellín, 1989. Antonio brings Rosario to the hospital; she's shot, bleeding badly. Flashbacks, mixed with Antonio's wait at the hospital during her surgery, tell the story: Antonio and Emilio are friends; Emilio attracts women, but is never serious about any until he meets Rosario, who has a mysterious connection to the underworld. Emilio falls for Rosario; she likes him, but she keeps their relationship compartmentalized, apart from her work. Antonio is the loyal friend who slowly falls in love with her and sticks by her in ways Emilio is incapable of. She begins to see that real love might be possible. Is it all moot in Medellín's violent landscape, or is there hope?
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Other grades: 75.0 (2 viewers)
Year: 2005
Runtime: 126 Min.
Rating: R
Keywords:Affair with friend's girlfriend,Bare breasts,Based on novel,Brother sister relationship,Castration
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