The 400 Blows (1959)

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The 400 Blows (1959) poster
Also Known as: Les quatre cents coups
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A young Parisian boy, Antoine Doinel, neglected by his derelict parents, skips school, sneaks into movies, runs away from home, steals things, and tries (disastrously) to return them. Like most kids, he gets into more trouble for things he thinks are right than for his actual trespasses. Unlike most kids, he gets whacked with the big stick. He inhabits a Paris of dingy flats, seedy arcades, abandoned factories, and workaday streets, a city that seems big and full of possibilities only to a child's eye.
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Other grades: 80.0 (6 viewers)
Year: 1959
Runtime: 99 Min.
Rating: Unrated
Countries: FR
Keywords: Adolescence,Adultery,Amusement park,Arrest,Balzac
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