Erdbeben in Chili (1975)

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Also Known as: Earthquake in Chile
1647, Santiago, Chile. Don Henrico banishes his daughter, Josepha, to a convent when he learns she loves Jeronimo, a mestizo who's a teacher in the household. The lovers meet in secret, a child is born, the pair are condemned to die, and prelates scheme to seize Don Henrico's fortune. A moment before Josepha's public execution, an earthquake devastates Santiago. Josepha finds her baby and flees the rubble; Jeronimo survives, escapes, and finds her. The reunion brings joy and rebirth. He wants to build a Utopian community, without priests. She believes they can reenter Santiago society, forgiven. Class, race, and religion dictate a world order: is there a place for these lovers?
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Other grades: 100.0 (1 viewer)
Year: 1975
Runtime: 86 Min.
Rating: Unrated
Countries: DE, ES
Keywords: 17th century,Axe,Bandage,Barber,Based on novel
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