The Third Man (1949)

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The Third Man (1949) poster
Also Known as: The 3rd Man
An out of work pulp fiction novelist, Holly Martins, arrives in a post war Vienna divided into sectors by the victorious allies, and where a shortage of supplies has lead to a flourishing black market. He arrives at the invitation of an ex-school friend, Harry Lime, who has offered him a job, only to discover that Lime has recently died in a peculiar traffic accident. From talking to Lime's friends and associates Martins soon notices that some of the stories are inconsistent, and determines to discover what really happened to Harry Lime.
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Other grades: 73.5 (11 viewers)
Year: 1949
Runtime: 104 Min.
Rating: Approved
Countries: AT, GB
Keywords: 1940s,Actress,American abroad,American expatriate,Amusement park
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