E la nave va (1983)

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E la nave va (1983) poster
Also Known as: And the Ship Sails On
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In 1914, a cruise ship sets sail from Naples to spread the ashes of beloved opera singer Edmea Tetua near Erimo, the isle of her birth. During the voyage, the eclectic array of passengers discovers a group of Serbian refugees aboard the vessel. Peace and camaraderie abound until the ship is descended upon by an Austrian flagship. The Serbians are forced to board it, but naturally they resist, igniting a skirmish that ends in destruction.
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Other grades: 85.0 (2 viewers)
Year: 1983
Runtime: 128 Min.
Rating: PG
Keywords:Ash scattering,Austro hungarian empire,Black and white segues into color,Black and white to color,Boat accident
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