Coffee and Cigarettes (1986)

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Coffee and Cigarettes (1986) poster
Also Known as: Coffee and Cigarettes: Strange to Meet You

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Other grades: 78.5 (2 viewers)
Year: 1986
Runtime: 6m
Rating: Unrated
Countries: United States of America
Languages: EN
In a vignette called 'Strange to meet you,' Roberto sits at a small table in a coffee bar. Five cups of coffee and two ashtrays are in front of him; he drinks and smokes. Steven joins him. They start a conversation about cigarettes and coffee. Steven likes to drink coffee before he sleeps, so he can dream faster. The conversation jumps around. 'You know my mother?' asks Roberto. Steven describes coffee Popsicles. They switch seats; then switch back. Steven has to leave for a dental appointment he's not looking forward to. Roberto makes a startling offer, inspired no doubt by the coffee and cigarettes.
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